Is MMO Cashout a SCAM? Read to find out!


MMO Cashout Review shines the spotlight on
MMO Cashout and strips it naked to expose the truth



When I initially heard the whispers that it was possible to play video games and get passive income from it, my first thought was "Bullsh*t!!!" I admit, at that time, I was a little proud when my best friend told me about it. I consider myself pretty well paid at my age compared to the rest of my friends, and when I found out he was earning nearly 3 times my salary, I just had to check it out.


With my ego slightly bruised, I quickly enlisted the help of a few guildmates to see what the fuss was all about, and more importantly, to answer the very essential question:


MMO Cashout: Outrageous Scam, or the Real Deal?


Too Good to Be true Video?




This video has been circulating for a short time now sharing the basics of what MMO Cashout really is. Take a look at it and see for yourself if this is something that you can really be doing in no time flat when you sign up for MMO Cashout.


The video states that it's possible to earn passive income. How?


In short... because of the way the system is built via a 3 x 9 matrix.


How does the 3 x 9 Matrix Work?

It's simple!

People you sponsor and people they sponsor etc are in your down line, your first level can only be 3 people wide so any additional people you sponsor go in your matrix below them to the 2nd level or 5th  level or the next available slot in your matrix.

The benefit is that these people are placed there automatically and the people above them will collect money on them every month even though they did nothing to sign them up. This is called spillover, and trust me you will have some spillover placed under you from the people above you. Ding!


Hit and Run Website?


When you first arrive on the website you'll see what James has put together a massive gaming community that allows you all sorts of bonuses. James Self, the webmaster, has run multiple gaming sites in the industry and as a result he has a very keen eye for what gamers are actually interested in. Members of the site get game guides, forums, blogs, and videos along with special discounts and member benefits that are not available anywhere else.


When you look at the membership for the site alone, it's well worth signing up for. I didn't think that there would be so much at first I've seen lots of sites like this before. Once they get you in the door, they leave you sitting high and dry with little to no content. But James doesn't do that you get a wide array of useful information and content, along with those discounts.


But, of course, the real reason MMO Cashout is such a big deal is because of what it claims to offer in the way of making cold hard cash. I had been satisfied with the website's content, but what about its claims that you can make money and start paying for your gaming easily.


The Final, Acid Test.


I wasn't fully convinced yet and so I wanted to start testing the site for myself. I've seen a lot of concepts like this flame out faster than Rank 1 Fireball and I didn't want to end up throwing my money away on something that wasn't going to work. So, I started recruiting my friends, not letting them know that I was working on a review, testing to see if this site really worked.


9 days later and three levels down, I had personally recruited 2 people but I had a total of 14 people under me. (thanks to the spillover effect) . Those 14 people had recruited another 58 on their own and I was making money from 72 different people! That was only after 9 days and I was already making enough money to pay for my subscription 10 times over.



Check, and Checkmate.


It slowly sank in - MMO Cashout is indeed the real deal. And not only is the real deal, it is a great opportunity for anyone out there who has wanted to find a way to play games and make easy money on the side. The best part too is that the site is so easy to use. The 3x9 matrix that it uses is incredibly easy to understand and the tools that MMO Cashout provides does all the heavy lifting.


It's like paying a few dollars for an entire business, already set up and ready for you to step into. And don't forget all the cool bonuses, guides, and forums you get along with it.


See it for yourself here: